Services & History

Since our establishment in 1947, Centrale Medico Dentaire has stood as a cornerstone in the dental sector across the Benelux region. Our history is one rich with innovation, familial traditions, and an unwavering passion for excellence.

Through the generations, we've woven a legacy grounded in trust, dedication, and a forward-looking vision. Dive into our journey, explore our diverse services, and see how we continuously set new standards in the industry.

CMD people and culture

At the very core of Centrale Medico Dentaire lies our dedicated team, an ensemble of unique perspectives and steadfast commitment to excellence. Since 1947, our foundation has been built on familial values, fostering an environment of mutual respect, collaboration, and continuous growth.

Our culture celebrates individual achievements whilst championing collective strength. Trust remains our guiding principle, empowering our people to innovate and challenge the status quo. It's this blend of heritage, trust, and innovation that makes CMD's culture and its people truly stand out.