Parma, Italy

From Italy, Cattani has been defining dental air technology for 50 years. Merging innovation with tradition, we lead with cutting-edge solutions and sustainable practices, ensuring unmatched quality and performance. Experience the Cattani difference.

Tettnang, Germany

Founded in 1921 by dentist Franz Sachs, Frasaco has emerged as a top choice in dental education across 120 countries. From pioneering the "phantom head" model to offering state-of-the-art training tools, Frasaco seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, setting the benchmark for dental excellence.

West Yorkshire, UK

Bossklein, a specialist brand under Topdental, offers a range of infection control solutions, including concentrated disinfectants, sprays, and wet wipes. Serving a global audience, Bossklein stands as a trusted name in healthcare hygiene, ensuring safety and cleanliness in clinical environments.